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Tom & Michelle Matchie

Alexie, Sherman. The Business of Fancydancing: Stories and Poems. Brooklyn: Hanging Loose, 1992. 

───. First Indian on the Moon. Brooklyn: Hanging Loose, 1993. 

───. Indian Killer. New York: Atlantic Monthly, 1996.

───. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven. 1993. New York: Harper, 1994. 

───. Old Shirts & New Skins. Los Angeles: University of California, 1993. 

───. Reservation Blues. New York: Atlantic Monthly, 1995. 

───. Reservation Blues. New York: Warner, 1995. 

Allen, Paula Gunn, ed. Studies in American Indian Literature: Critical Essays and Course Designs. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1983. 

Ammons, Elizabeth and Annette White-Parks, eds. Tricksterism in Turn-of-the-Century American Literature: A Multicultural Perspective. Hanover: University Press of New England, 1994. 

Beidler, Peter G., and Gay Barton. A Readers’s Guide to the Novels of Louise Erdrich. Columbia: University of Missouri, 1999. 

Bell, Betty Louise. Faces in the Moon: A Novel. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1994. 

Benson, Bjorn, Elizabeth Hampsten, and Kathryn Sweney, eds. Day In, Day Out: Women’s Lives in North Dakota. Grand Forks: University of North Dakota, 1988. [2 copies]

Bloom, Harold, ed. Bloom’s Guides: Sandra Cisneros’s The House on Mango Street. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 2004. 

Borland, Hal. When the Legends Die. New York: Bantam, 1964. 

Brown, Bill, ed. Reading the West: An Anthology of Dime Westerns. Boston: Bedford, 1997. 

Bruchac, Joseph, ed. Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers’ Festival. Tucson: University of Arizona, 1994. 

Butala, Sharon. Fever. Toronto: Harper, 1990. 

───. The Fourth Archangel. Toronto: Harper, 1992. 

───. The Garden of Eden. Toronto: Harper, 1998. 

───. The Gates of the Sun. 1986. Toronto: Harper, 1994. 

───. Luna. 1988. Toronto: Harper, 1994. 

───. The Perfection of the Morning: An Apprenticeship in Nature. Toronto: Harper, 1994.

───. Upstream. 1991. Toronto: Harper, 1996. 

Calloway, Colin G., ed. Our Hearts Fell to the Ground: Plains Indian Views of How the West Was Lost. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin’s, 1996. 

───. The World Turned Upside Down: Indian Voices from Early America. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin’s, 1994. 

Campbell, Maria. Halfbreed. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1973. 

Carley, Kenneth. The Sioux Uprising of 1862. 2nd ed. St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 1976. 

Carr, Virginia Spencer, ed.  Studies in the Literary Imagination: Flannery O’Connor and the South. 20.2: 1987.

Cather, Willa. My Antonia. 1949. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1954.

Catlin, George. Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Conditions of North American Indians. Vol. 1. New York: Dover, 1973. 

───. Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Conditions of North American Indians. Vol. 2. New York: Dover, 1973.

Chavkin, Allan, ed. The Chippewa Landscape of Louise Erdrich. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama, 1999. 

Chavkin, Allan, and Nancy Feyl Chavkin, eds. Conversations with Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1994. 

Cisneros, Sandra. The House on Mango Street. New York: Vintage, 1984. 

Coltelli, Laura, ed. Winged Words: American Indian Writers Speak. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1990. 

Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth. Anti-Indianism in Modern America: A Voice from Tatekeya’s Earth. Urbana: University of Illinois, 2001. 

───. From the River’s Edge. New York: Arcade, 1991. 

───. I Remember the Fallen Trees: New and Selected Poems. Cheney: Eastern Washington University, 1998. 

───. The Power of Horses and Other Stories. New York: Arcade, 1990. 

Courlander, Harold. The Fourth World of the Hopis: The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians as Preserved in Their Legends and Traditions. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, 1971. 

Crane, Stephen. Great Short Works of Stephen Crane. New York: Perennial, 2004. 

───. The Red Badge of Courage, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, and Other Selected Writings. Eds. Phyllis Frus and Stanley Corkin. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2000. 

Craven, Margaret. I Heard the Owl Call My Name. Garden City: Doubleday, 1973. 

Crow Dog, Mary, and Richard Erdoes. Lakota Woman. New York: Harper, 1990.

───. Ohitika Woman. New York: Grove, 1993. 

Curtis, Edward S. Native American Women: Photographs from the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress: A Book of Postcards. San Francisco: Pomegranate, 1993. 

Deloria, Ella Cara. Waterlily. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1988. 

Deloria, Vine, Jr. For This Land: Writings on Religion in America. New York: Routledge, 1999.

Dixon-Kennedy, Mike. Native American Myth & Legend: An A-Z of People and Places. 1996. London: Brockhampton, 1998. 

Doig, Ivan. Dancing at the Rascal Fair. 1987. New York: Harper, 1988. 

───. This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind. 1978. San Diego: Harcourt Brace, 1992.

Dorris, Michael. Cloud Chamber: A Novel. New York: Scribner, 1997. 

───. Working Men: Stories. New York: Henry Holt, 1993.  

───. A Yellow Raft in Blue Water. New York: Warner, 1987. [2 copies]

Dorris, Michael, and Louise Erdrich. The Crown of Columbus. New York: Harper, 1991. 

Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself. Ed. David W. Blight. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 1993. 

Drake, Robert. Flannery O’Connor: A Critical Essay. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1966. 

Earling, Debra Magpie. Perma Red. New York: BlueHen, 2002. 

Erdrich, Louise. The Antelope Wife: A Novel. New York: Harper, 1998. 

───. The Beet Queen: A Novel. New York: Bantam, 1987. [2 copies]

───. The Bingo Palace. New York: Harper, 1994. [2 hardcovers]

───. Four Souls. New York: Harper, 2004. [2 hardcovers]

───. The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse. New York: Harper, 2001. [2 copies]

───. Love Medicine: A Novel. Toronto: Bantam, 1984. [3 copies]

───. The Master Butchers Singing Club: A Novel. New York: Harper, 2003. [2 copies]

───. The Painted Drum. New York: Harper, 2005. [2 copies]

───. The Plague of Doves. New York: Harper, 2008.  

───. The Red Convertible: Selected and New Stories, 1978-2008. New York: Harper, 2009. 

───. Shadow Tag. New York: Harper, 2010. [2 copies]

───. Tales of Burning Love. New York: Harper, 1996. [2 copies]

───. Tracks: A Novel. New York: Harper, 1988. [3 softcover copies]

Glancy, Diane. Firesticks: A Collection of Stories. Norman: University of Nebraska, 1993. 

Harner, Michael. The Way of the Shaman. 3rd ed. New York: Harper, 1990. 

Hassler, Jon. The Dean’s List. New York: Ballentine, 1997. 

───. Grand Opening. 1987. New York: Ballentine, 1988. 

───. North of Hope: A Novel. New York: Ballentine, 1990. [2 copies]

───. Simon’s Night. 1979. New York: Ballentine, 1986. 

───. Staggerford. 1974. New York: Ballentine, 1986. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Blithedale Romance. Ed. William E. Cain. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin’s, 1996. 

───. The House of the Seven Gables. Ed. Allan Lloyd Smith and Christopher Bisgby. 1965. London: J. M. Dent, 1995. 

───. The Marble Faun: Or, The Romance of Monte Beni. Ed. Richard H. Rupp. 1860. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1971. 

───. The Scarlet Letter: An Annotated Text, Backgrounds and Sources, Essays in Criticism. Eds. Sculley Bradley, Richmond Croom Beatty, and E. Hudson Long. New York: W. W. Norton, 1961. 

Henson, Josiah. Truth Stranger Than Fiction: Father Henson’s Story of His Own Life. 1958. Williamstown, MA: Corner House, 1973. 

Houston, James. The White Dawn: An Eskimo Saga. 1971. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1983. 

Hudson, Lois Phillips. The Bones of Plenty. St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 1984. Print. 

───. Reapers of the Dust: A Prairie Chronicle. St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 1984. 

Hull, Michael. Sun Dancing: A Spiritual Journey on the Red Road. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions International, 2000.  

Hynes, William J. and William G. Doty, eds. Mythical Trickster Figures: Contours, Contexts, and Criticisms. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama, 1993. 

Ise, John. Sod and Stubble: The Story of a Kansas Homestead. 1936. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1967.

Jacobs, Connie A. The Novels of Louise Erdrich: Stories of Her People. New York: Peter Lang, 2001. 

Jenkinson, Clay. A Humanities Guide to Northern Lights. Bismarck: North Dakota Humanities Council, 1981. 

Jones, Stephen Graham. The Bird Is Gone: A Manifesto. Normal: Fiction Collective Two, 2003.

───. The Fast Red Road: A Plainsong. Normal: Fiction Collective Two, 2000.

Kadlecek, Edward, and Mabell Kadlecek. To Kill an Eagle: Indian Views on The Last Days of Crazy Horse. Boulder: Johnson, 1981. 

King, Thomas. Green Grass, Running Water. New York: Bantam, 1993. [2 copies]

───. Medicine River. Toronto: Penguin, 1991. 

───. One Good Story, That One. Toronto: Harper, 1993. [2 copies]

Krupat, Arnold. The Turn to the Native: Studies in Criticism and Culture. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1996. 

LaDuke, Winona. All Our Relations: Native Struggles for Land and Life. Cambridge: South End, 1999. 

───. Last Standing Woman. Stillwater, MN: Voyageur, 1997.  

───. Recovering the Sacred: The Power of Naming and Claiming. Cambridge: South End, 2005. 

LaFarge, Oliver. Laughing Boy. 1929. New York: Signet, 1971. 

Lame Deer, John (Fire), and Richard Erdoes. Lame Deer: Seeker of Visions. New York: Washington Square, 1972. 

Lewis, Merrill and Lorene. Wallace Stegner. Boise: Boise State, 1972. 

Lincoln, Kenneth. Native American Renaissance. Berkeley: University of California, 1983. 

Linderman, Frank B. Pretty-shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows. 1932. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1972. 

Lischke, Ute, and David T. McNab, eds. Walking a Tightrope: Aboriginal People and Their Representations. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University, 2005.

Louisiana Purchase: The Personalities That Shaped Our Nation. New Orleans Museum of Art, 2003. 

Louisiana Purchase Story: Jefferson, Napoleon, and the Letter that Bought a Continent. New Orleans: New Orleans Museum of Art, 2003.

Lyons, Richard. Enough to Be a Woman. 1978. Portales, NM: Scopcraeft, 1994. 

───. Scanning the Land: Poems in North Dakota. Fargo: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, 1980. 

Manfred, Frederick. Conquering Horse. 1959. New York: Signet, 1965. 

───. Riders of Judgment. 1957. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1982. 

───. Scarlet Plume. 1964. New York: Pocket Books, 1966. 

Maxfield, Christyann Ranck. Goodbye to Elbowoods: The Story of Harold and Eva Case. Bismarck: State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1986. 

McCann, Lloyd E. The Grattan Massacre. Unknown: Nebraska History, 1956. 

McGrath, Thomas. Letter to an Imaginary Friend: Parts I & II. Chicago: Swallow, 1962.

───. Letter to an Imaginary Friend: Parts Three & Four. Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon, 1985. 

───. The Movie at the End of the World: Collected Poems. Chicago: Swallow, 1980. 

───. New and Selected Poems. Denver: Alan Swallow, 1964. 

───. Passages Toward the Dark. Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon, 1982. 

McMurtry, Larry. Crazy Horse. New York: Viking, 1999. 

McSherry, Frank, Jr., Charles G. Waugh, and Martin Greenberg. Civil War Women: The Civil War Seen Through Women’s Eyes in Stories by Louisa May Alcott, Kate Chopin, Eudora Welty, and Other Great Women Writers. 1988. New York: Touchstone, 1990. 

Meyers, Kent. The River Warren: A Novel. St. Paul: Hungry Mind, 1998. 

Momaday, N. Scott. The Ancient Child: A Novel. New York: Doubleday, 1989.  

───. House Made of Dawn. New York: Harper & Row, 1966. [2 copies]

───. The Names: A Memoir. Tucson: University of Arizona, 1976. 

───. The Way to Rainy Mountain. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, 1969. 

Moore, Christopher. Coyote Blue.  New York: Avon, 1994. 

Morrison, Dane, ed. American Indian Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Issues. New York: Peter Lang, 1997. 

Mourning Dove. Coyote Stories. 1933. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1990. 

Museum of Northern Arizona. Hopi Customs, Folklore, and Ceremonies. Flagstaff: Northern Arizona Society of Science and Art, 1954. 

Naranjo-Morse, Nora. Mud Woman: Poems from the Clay. Tucson: University of Arizona, 1992. 

Nelson, Bruce. Land of the Dacotahs. 1946. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1964. [2 copies]

Norris, Kathleen. The Cloister Walk. New York: Riverhead, 1996. 

───. Dakota: A Spiritual Geography. New York: Ticknor & Fields, 1993.

North Dakota State University English Department. Writing, Reading, and Reasoning. 4th ed. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace, 1999. 

O’Brien, Lynne Woods. Plains Indian Autobiographies. Boise: Boise State College, 1973. 

O’Connor, Flannery. Every Thing That Rises Must Converge. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1975. 

───. A Good Man is Hard to Find: And Other Stories. San Diego: Harcourt Brace, 1955. Print. 

───. A Good Man is Hard to Find: Ten Memorable Short Stories. Garden City: Image Books, 1970. 

───. The Habit of Being: Letters Edited and with an Introduction by Sally Fitzgerald.  Ed. Sally Fitzgerald. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1979.  

───. Three: Wise Blood, A Good Man is Hard to Find, The Violent Bear it Away. New York: Signet, n.d.

Ortiz, Simon J. After and Before the Lightning. Tucson: University of Arizona, 1994. 

Owens, Louis. Bone Game: A Novel. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1994. 

───. Dark River: A Novel. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1999. 

───. Mixedblood Messages: Literature, Film, Family, Place. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1998. 

───. Nightland. New York: Dutton, 1996. 

───. Other Destinies: Understanding the American Indian Novel. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1992. 

───. The Sharpest Sight. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1992. 

───. Wolfsong. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1991.  

Payne, Elizabeth. Meet the North American Indians. New York: Random House, 1965. 

Penn, W. S. The Absence of Angels. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1995.  

───. All My Sins Are Relatives. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1995. 

Peyer, Bernd C., ed. The Singing Spirit: Early Short Stories by North American Indians. Tucson: University of Arizona, 1989. [2 copies]

Piquemal, Michel. To Mikro Sunnefo. Athens: Sygchronoi Orizontes, 2006. 

Rölvaag, O. E. Giants in the Earth. Trans. Lincoln Colcord and O. E. Rölvaag. 1927. New York: Harper, n.d. 

───. Their Father’s God. Trans. Trygve M. Ager. 1931. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1983.

Rosen, Kenneth, ed. The Man to Send Rain Clouds: Contemporary Stories by American Indians. New York: Vintage, 1975. 

Sandoz, Mari. Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas. 1942. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1961. 

───. Miss Morissa: Doctor of the Gold Trail. 1955. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1980. 

Sarris, Greg, Connie A. Jacobs, and James R. Giles, eds.  Approaches to Teaching the Works of Louise Erdrich. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 2004. [3 copies]

Seyersted, Per. Leslie Marmon Silko. Boise: Boise State University, 1980. 

Sharpe, Philip B. The Rifle in America. 2nd ed. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1947. 

Silko, Leslie Marmon. Ceremony. New York: Penguin, 1977. [2 copies]

───. Gardens in the Dunes: A Novel. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1999. 

───. Storyteller. New York: Arcade, 1981. 

Silverberg, Robert. The Pueblo Revolt. 1970. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1994. 

Smiley, Jane. A Thousand Acres. New York: Fawcett, 1991. 

Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk. Grandpa Was a Cowboy and an Indian and Other Stories. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 2000. 

Solheim, Dave, ed. Voices in North Dakota. Fargo: North Dakota Council on the Arts and Humanities, 1976. 

Stauffer, Helen Winter. Mari Sandoz. Boise: Boise State, 1984. 

───. Mari Sandoz: Story Catcher of the Plains. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, 1982.

Stegner, Wallace. The Big Rock Candy Mountain. 1938. New York: Pocket, 1977. 

───. Wolf Willow: A History, a Story, and a Memory of the Last Plains Frontier. 1962. New York: Penguin, 1990. 

Theatre on the Park Presents Black Elk Speaks: Based on the Classic Book as Told to John G. Neihardt, Script by Christopher Sergel: May 12-13-14 & 19-20-21, 1994, 8:00 P.M., Whitney Fine Arts Center on Loring Park. Minneapolis: Theatre on the Park, 1994. 

Thompson, Era Bell. American Daughter. Rev. ed. 1946. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1967. 

Thoreau, Henry David. Walden and Civil Disobedience. Ed. Paul Lauter. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2000. 

Trimble, Martha Scott. N. Scott Momaday. Boise: Boise State College, 1973. 

Turner, George. George Turner’s Book of American Indians. Amarillo: Baxter Lane Co., 1972. 

Twain, Mark. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Case Study in Critical Controversy. Eds. Gerald Graff and James Phelan. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 1995. 

Vinz, Mark, and Thom Tammaro, eds. Common Ground: A Gathering of Poets from the 1986 Marshall Festival. Moorhead: Dacotah Territory, 1988. 

───. Inheriting the Land: Contemporary Voices from the Midwest. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1993. 

Velie, Alan R., ed. Native American Perspectives on Literature and History. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1994. 

Vizenor, Gerald. Dead Voices: Natural Agonies in the New World. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1992. 

───. Hotline Healers: An Almost Browne Novel. Hanover: Wesleyan University, 1997.  

───. The People Named the Chippewa: Narrative Histories. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1984. 

───. The Trickster of Liberty: Tribal Heirs to a Wild Baronage. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1988. 

Wagamese, Richard. Keeper’n Me. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1994. 

Wallis, Wilson D., and Ruth Sawtell Wallis. The Micmac Indians of Eastern Canada. Vol. 1. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1955. 

───. The Micmac Indians of Eastern Canada. Vol. 2. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1955. 

Walsh, Frederick G. The Trial of Louis Riel. Fargo: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, 1965.

Waters, Frank. The Man Who Killed the Deer. 1942. New York: Pocket, 1971.

Watson, Larry. Montana 1948: A Novel. New York: Pocket, 1993. 

Way of the Spirit, The. Time-Life Books, 1997. 

Weatherford, Jack. Native Roots: How the Indians Enriched America. New York: Fawcett Columbine, 1991. [3 copies]

───. Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World. New York: Crown, 1988. 

Weaver, Will. A Gravestone Made of Wheat: Stories by Will Weaver. 1989. St. Paul: Graywolf, 1990. 

───. Red Earth, White Earth. 1986. New York: Pocket, 1987. 

Welch, James. The Heartsong of Charging Elk: A Novel. New York: Anchor Books, 2001.  

───. Riding the Earthboy 40. 1971. New York: Harper & Row, 1976.  

───. Winter in the Blood. New York: Penguin, 1974. [2 copies]

 Welch, James, and Paul Stekler. Killing Custer: The Battle of the Little Bighorn and the Fate of the Plains Indians. New York: W. W. Norton, 1994. 

Wheelwright, Mary C. Atsah or Eagle Catching Myth and Yohe or Bead Myth. Santa Fe: Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art, 1949. 

───. Myth of the Mountain Chant and Beauty Chant. Santa Fe: Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art, 1951. 

───. Myths of the Sontso and Ma-ih. Rev. ed. 1940. Santa Fe: Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art, 1957. 

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass: Authoritative Texts, Whitman on His Art, Criticism. Eds. Sculley Bradley and Harold W. Blodgett. 1965. New York: W. W. Norton, 1973. 

Woiwode, Larry. Acts. New York: Harper, 1993.  

───. Beyond the Bedroom Wall: A Family Album. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1975. 

───. Even Tide. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1977. 

───. Indian Affairs: A Novel. New York: Atheneum, 1992. [2 hardcovers]

───. The Neumiller Stories. New York: Penguin, 1989.

───. Silent Passengers: Stories. New York: Atheneum, 1993. 

───. What I Think I Did: A Season of Survival in Two Acts. New York: Basic Books, 2000.

Wong, Hertha D. Sweet. Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine: A Casebook. New York: Oxford University, 2000. 

Woodward, Mary Dodge. The Checkered Years. Ed. Mary Boynton Cowdrey. Caldwell: Caxton, 1937. 


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