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Welcome to theJames River Valley Library System


Minutes of the James River Valley Library System Board of Directors

Regular Board Meeting

Monday, September 16, 2019

Alfred Dickey Public Library

105 3rd St SE, Jamestown, ND



Board members present were Lynn Krueger, Jay Nitschke, Carolgene Wolf, Roger Parsons and Char Freeberg (arrived at 4:13 pm).   Also present were Bob Boyar from the Friends of the JRVLS, Stutsman County Library Branch Manager Jill Pfaff, and Library Director Joe Rector.  Absent were Ilana Xinos and Ramone Gumke. 


Lynn called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.



Carolgene motioned to approve the minutes as written, seconded by Roger.  Unanimous aye. Motion carried. 


Char Freeburg arrived at 4:13 pm.



Joe went over the Profit and Loss VS Actual report noting that most budgets are in the 73% range where he would like it to be. However, the adult programming was considerably higher to due taking over advertising payments from the Friends. 


Char motioned to approve the bills to be paid and payroll as paid, seconded by Roger.  Unanimous aye.  Motion carried.



Joe commended Megan from StrenghtenND on the strategic plan.  Board members will read over the strategic plan and discuss at the next meeting. 

Joe gave a progress report on the Strategic Plan.  He has begun writing the transition plan and has been teaching selected members of the staff to learn some of the things he does.  Joe also said that he has gotten all the passwords that he knows of from Jennifer.  He will be getting a fireproof safe to contain the things that need to be protected. 


Joe gave an update on the open positions at the library.  He said that one part time person has been hired and an offer has been made to another candidate for the Bookmobile position.  Joe will now be focusing on the other two positions.  He has received a number of applications for the Assistant Director and Children’s Librarian positions that he will be going over in the next couple of weeks. 


Joe reported that the County Commission approved the SCL remodel.  The County was happy to allow the upgrades. 



Joe said that Bob Boyar is going to represent the Friends of JRVLS as an ad hoc member at the JRVLS board meetings.


Selection of a board member for ad hoc representative with the Friends was tabled until next meeting.


Roger motioned approval for request to close SCL for NDLA meeting Sept. 26-27, seconded by Carolgene.  Roll call vote showed 5 aye, 0 nay, and 1 absent.  Motion carried


Bob Boyar gave a report from the Friends of the JRVLS.  The Friends really appreciate the help they received for the book sale from Lynn, Joe, and staff.  The Friends are now looking at getting book bags.  They are also appreciative to have a space for their office at SCL.  Lena and Katrina have volunteered to help with programming. 


Joe gave the report of the Library Director in which he gave the monthly statistics to the board. 


Jill gave a report on the successful Bookmobile appearance at the UJ Block Party.  A number of people including some UJ students got library cards and several people checked out books on the Bookmobile. 


Joe gave a report on attending the 50 Plus Club in Ypsilanti.  The club was really excited to learn about the things that the library has to offer.  He also met with the AAUW at ADPL and gave them a tour of the library.  They were happy to see the renovation of the library and the Louis L’Amour room. 



Next regular board meeing is Monday, October 21, 2019, 4:00 pm, ADPL.



Lynn adjourned the meeting at 4:47 pm. 


Respectfully submitted,

Jill Pfaff


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