Welcome to the James River Valley Library System
Welcome to theJames River Valley Library System

Minutes of the James River Valley Library System Board Meeting Monday, August 17, 2015


Board members present were: Gary Riffe, Dale Marks, Sue Anderson, Charlotte Freeberg, and Jim Nyland. Also present were Bill Kennedy of Kennedy Consulting, library staff members Melissa Mee, and Betsy Ferwerda, Library Director Joe Rector, and Assistant Director Jennifer Senger. Board member Roger Parsons was absent. 


Dale called the meeting to order at 4:30pm.



Gary motioned to approve the July, 20, 2015 board minutes as written, seconded by Charlotte. Unanimous aye. Motion carried.



Library staff member Melissa Mee introduced herself to the board.



Joe stated that we are currently 63% of the way through the budget year, and that we have received 99.5% of the expected income. He also stated that funding is still coming in, and that he tends to project low as to the amount of funding we will receive each year when putting the budget together.


Joe went through various line items of the budget and explained why some items were overspent and why others were underspent. He explained that all of those items will even out in the end. 


Charlotte motioned to approve the financial report, seconded by Sue. Unanimous aye. Motion carried.



Charlotte motioned to approve the bills as paid, seconded by Jim. Unanimous aye. Motion carried.



The board discussed chapter four of the book Good to Great.  



Joe presented the proposed revised 2015 budget, the proposed 2016 budget, and the County Certificate of Levy to the board. Joe explained that there have been some changes within the county and state laws of how we do our budgeting. He stated that we now have to justify our funding that we receive, and how we spend it. Joe suggested that we add a Fund Balance Policy to our policy manual that will govern how we use our reserve funding so that we are able to keep reserve funds for various projects, and emergencies. Joe explained that the draft Fund Balance Policy is for the board’s review at this time, as there are still questions that we need answered by our auditor to ensure that the policy is written correctly based on government auditing standards.


Joe explained that in the meantime we need to show where our reserve funding is being spent, so he revised the budgets to show where that funding may be used, and why it is needed.


Charlotte motioned to approve the 2015 revised budget, the 2016 budget and the County Certificate of Levy, seconded by Sue. Roll Call showed: 5 ayes, 0 nays, 1 absent, 0 abstentions. Motion carried.



The bookmobile is still experiencing some issues such as overheating, various leaks, transmission problems etc. Joe explained that we have taken the bookmobile to Buffalo City Diesel to be evaluated, and that the probable repairs might be costly.


Charlotte motioned to approve the Resolution of Members or Stockholders for the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development grant for the new bookmobile, seconded by Sue. Roll Call showed: 5 ayes, 0 nays, 1 absent, 0 abstentions. Motion carried.



Bill explained that at our next board meeting we will have received the bids for the new bookmobile, and we will be holding a bid opening.


The bids must meet the previously approved specifications for the new bookmobile in order to be considered.


Bill also stated that we are working on finding an artist who can do a wrap design for the new bookmobile.



The next regularly scheduled meeting of the James River Valley Library Board will be on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 4:30 pm in the lower level meeting room at the Alfred Dickey Library.


Jim motioned to adjourn, seconded by Gary. Unanimous aye. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Senger




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