Welcome to the James River Valley Library System
Welcome to theJames River Valley Library System

Phase 1 Policy Beginning 6/15/2020

Library Reopening Plan


JRVLS Phase 1

Library reopening is subject to obtaining and maintaining adequate sanitation, health, and protective supplies.


The Board may open the library on a trial basis, monitoring the COVID-19 situation for possible re-evaluation of the library’s service status; a positive COVID-19 test from any library employee will result in immediate closure of the libraries.


The Board will determine the timing of Phases 2 & 3 based on recommendations or directives from the Governor’s office and local officials.


The goal of Phase 1 service is getting patrons into and out of the library as efficiently as possible, thereby reducing risks.


In order to maximize the number of staff available to facilitate patrons quickly through the library, hours will be as follows:

  • ADPL will be open 10 am – 6 pm M-F
  • SCL will be closed during Phase 1 in order to adequately staff ADPL

The following Phase 1 restrictions will be put in place to minimize risks for patrons and employees:


Social Distancing

The maximum number of patrons allowed in ADPL will be 20 at any given time:

  • Extra patrons will wait outside
  • Patrons will be encouraged not be loiter in the library and may be asked to leave if they stay for more than 30 minutes

Patrons will be expected to social distance in 6-foot intervals (except for families).

One chair will be available at each patron table with a 20-minute limit per patron.

Soft chairs will not be available.

New magazines will be available for checkout to facilitate short library visits.

Libraries will operate multiple checkout lines for more effective distancing, with spacing clearly delineated.

There will be no public meetings or programming except for social media events.

The meeting room will be closed.


Prevention Measures

Patrons & staff will be requested to wear masks.

Staff will be encouraged to wear gloves and change them regularly.

Staff will be required to use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands regularly.

Hand sanitizer will be provided to patrons.

State-provided COVID-19 signage will be posted at entrances:

  • People with cough or fever must not enter the library
  • Social distancing guidelines
  • Handwashing guidelines

Patrons who appear ill (e.g. excessive coughing) or express that they are not feeling well will be asked to leave.

Staff will sanitize patron surfaces regularly, including restrooms and photocopiers.

Staff will be responsible to sanitize their own work stations regularly, including telephones.

Patrons will be given instructions for sanitizing library items at home.

Item donations will not be accepted.

Staff will use gloves when handling cash.


Limiting Contact with Librarians

Items will be returned to the book drops or to bins at the circulation desks:

  • Staff will not check in or handle returns
  • Returned items will be quarantined for 3 days prior to check-in

Plexiglass sneeze guards will shield checkout stations.

Patrons will slip checkout items under plexiglass so librarians don’t need to touch.

Fines & fees:

  • Staff will not accept cash payments
  • Patrons may check out normally if they have less than $50 in fines and fees (they will pay later)
  • Patrons will NOT be able to check out if they have fines and fees of $50 or more (we will accept checks but not cash)

Photocopier services will be available on a donation-envelope basis (no change offered).

Employees will not assist patrons with large reference requests, but quick answers will be provided if time permits.

Staff may print items for patrons if time permits.


Limiting Contact with Library Equipment

Patron computers and computer tables will not be available for use.

The microfilm reader will not be available for use.

Toys, puzzles, coloring materials, and similar items will not be available.

Library kiosks will not be available.

Drinking fountains will not be available.

The telephone will not be available for patrons to make or receive calls.


Seed Library

Seed packages will be relocated to ADPL.


Friends Book “Sale”

Self-serve used-book tables will be located outside the library, with donations accepted in envelopes placed in the drop box (may be done prior to reopening).



Limited curbside delivery stops will be scheduled (no patron contact).


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